Good for everyone

Here’s a feel-good story to begin your week. Eddie Caisse who heads up the South Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative in Holyoke, MA . He runs a summer basketball program that teaches kids more than just how to shoot, pass, dribble and defend. Keep it up, Eddie.

Funny because its true?

Our favorite sports cartoon, In the Bleachers by Steve Moore comes through again with humor…and with a message about parents in today’s sports-obsessed, competitive society. (Courtesy of Go


This WAS a mess

In a contrast to yesterday’s post where a league shut down due to possible financial mismanagement, this threatened basketball league has gotten a little better news. Nice to see that, in this case, it looks like the kids are going to be able to continue playing.

This is a mess

What happens when a basketball league signs up teams, has them reserve gym time, collects their registration fees, then goes under? Hopefully there will be an equitable resolution to this story.

In case you didn’t know

We knew this was illegal, but apparently this third base coach either wasn’t told or forgot. Unfortunately¬† though it was a great base coaching move, it violated a rule and ended the game. Sorry way to end a game.

More Little League District Champs

From the ultra-competitive Western Region, congrats to the following Little Leagues who won their District Championships and are CoachDeck clients: Prescott (AZ), Kaneohe, Honolulu, Washoe, Rocklin, San Lorenzo, Manhattan Beach and Sherman Oaks. Way to go, players, coaches, parents and league administrators. Great season!

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