Little League complaint…and a rebuttal

We found these comments on a Little League Facebook page. The first from a disenchanted grandparent, the next a response. Which side do you agree with?

I really didnt want to LIKE this page, however, my grandson has played at the (name of Little League) since he started in t-ball. This year is his last year there since he is 12. I wish he had never played this year, the coach of (withheld) only played him 2 innings every game. His mom attended all his games and so did my husband and I. I was so angry tonight at his coaches I pulled him from the game in the 4th inning. I think it is very sad that the coach finds it more important to play his child and the other coaches boys every inning and game. Every boy does not hit the ball everytime. It is not ALL about who hits the best. It’s about EVERY CHILD being able to do what they enjoy and try there hardest. I’m sorry but tonight I did get upset and speak loudly and voice my opinion. I am so glad that this was truly my grandsons last year there. Even the boys on the team was smart mouthed to him. The (Blank) LL is not the same and it’s the coaches fault……

With the number of players on any given Little League team, not every child will get the opportunity to play every inning every game. Little League is more about sportsmanship and teaching these young children how to LOSE. I am sure someone would rather be a part of the team and play sparingly, rather than not be a part of the team at all. The problem with the (Blank) LL DOES NOT start with the coaches, it starts with the parents and families of the children. Go watch the game, have a good time, and mind your business. No need for trash talking and coach bashing.