American Baseball Foundation – BASIC Volunteers

Our partner, the American Baseball Foundation, has issued a press release we wanted to share (BASIC stands for Baseball & Academic Skills Instructional Course):

Over the last 19 years, the ABF has shaped its BASIC programming to ensure that participants enjoy their learning experience.   At fifty-minute intervals BASIC children shuttle back and forth from an academic station related to sports to a sport-skill learning station. This constitutes the BASIC summer day.   Over the years, the children have benefited from the work of volunteers who return to the program year after year. The children appreciate having the older students as academic and sports mentors as the move up in the BASIC curriculum which serves children from ages 7 through 13.
The two main sources of volunteers have come from:
BASIC graduates who age out of the program
John Carroll Catholic High School volunteers who must put in 75 hours of service in the community in order to graduate.
Please note the life-changing effect that years of BASIC can engender as you read about Ms. Alana Davis.
It was a high school requirement for volunteer hours that initially made Alana Davis volunteer time with the American Baseball Foundation.
Davis attended John Carroll High School, which requires students volunteer 25 hours a year. She earned those hours each summer during the ABF’s BASIC camp that helps under-served children improve their academic and sports skills. During her last summer, she realized why high school students were forced to volunteer.
“I always did just the minimum number of volunteer hours,” said the petite 19-year-old. “Then my last year of high school, I hugged one of the Yankees (the younger children) and then they all swarmed me for a hug. It just hit me. I realized how much these kids needed attention from volunteers like me.”
Davis said that experience changed the way she felt about volunteering and children. She decided to major in education at Montevallo University and plans to become an elementary school teacher when she graduates.
This year, Davis was the director of the BASIC program at Avondale Elementary School and her sister, KaiLian, 15, worked as a volunteer. Alana said the best part of working with BASIC is watching the children grow and gain new skills every

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