Coach Evaluation Script

Now that baseball seasons have wrapped up, it might not be a bad time to consider contacting the parents in your league to get some quality feedback on the year. We’re not looking to dig up any issues, but feel that if every division coordinator can contact the parents on each team with the script provided below, it does several things. Yes, you may find out there were issues with a coach or manager, which will help you next season when determining who your volunteers will be. You will also get some great feedback you may not have expected. And, maybe most importantly, the goodwill you’ll engender with your league parents, who will so greatly appreciate the time you’re taking in allowing them to be heard, will go a long way towards strengthening your league. Here’s what what we recommend saying:

Hi, this is ______________ calling from ____________League, may I speak with (dad) or (mom)?

We’re doing some coach and manager evaluation and I’d like to ask a couple questions if you don’t mind. By the way, anything you tell me is completely confidential.

Response: “OK.”

OK, the coaches were ___________ and _____________, and the manager was _________________. How would you evaluate the coaches on their overall baseball knowledge? How would you evaluate them on their interaction with the kids? Would you recommend them for next year? And how about the manager, and his baseball knowledge? How about his interaction with the kids? Would you recommend him for next year? So on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the season your son/daughter had? Any issues, or anything the board should know about?

The more of these calls, the better you’ll feel about the product you’re putting on the field for the community. Pick up the phone!

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