Answers to yesterday’s You Are the Ref

If you missed yesterday’s You Are the Ref quiz, take a quick look here before you peek at then answers below. (Courtesy The Guardian UK).

1) This is an act of violent conduct and you need to deal with it decisively. First, play advantage – if the home forward scores, award the goal, then send off the away striker who threw the punch. If not, stop the game, send off the striker and restart with a direct free kick to the home team from where the punch was thrown. Adam Dietz wins the shirt.
2) Unsporting behaviour or a clever stretch of the rules? It’s a tight call. The laws state: “Feinting to take a penalty kick to confuse opponents is permitted as part of football. However, if, in the opinion of the referee, the feinting is considered an act of unsporting behaviour, the player must be cautioned.” You can make a case for and against allowing this goal, but on the basis that he kicked the ball as soon as he reached it, and that ‘favouring’ the attacking side makes sense at a penalty where the defending side have committed an offence, I would allow it. The keeper should not have dropped his guard.
3) Ignore the flag – signal and shout play on. The player has deliberately left the field without your permission for tactical reasons – so for the purposes of judging offside, he is considered to be on the goal-line. When the ball next goes dead, show the defender a yellow card.

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