Little League changing age cutoff

Things have come full circle, (nearly) in the Little League age cutoff date. In 2003 (and all years prior), players who were born before August 1st played at their “natural” age, which meant that they were Little League age the year they they had their birthday, (e.g. turn 12 in May, you were a 12 year-old that year of play). But all kids who were born on August 1st or after were considered a year younger. This meant that a player whose birthday was in September would actually play that year as an 11 year-old. Then, in 2004, Little League changed the cutoff date to May 1 and now a whole crop of kids born May-July got an extra year of Little League. This also meant that many kids were actually playing during the season as 12 year-olds who had actually turned 13.

Now, they’ve changed it back. Not to August 1st but to September 1st, to ensure that no player who is 13 will be playing in the 12 year-old division even all the way through the LLWS tournament. What are your thoughts? Is this change positive or negative?

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