More on Little League age change

Yesterday we told you about Little League changing its age cutoff date to ensure that 13 year-olds are not playing in the 12 year-old division. Some folks, especially a special subset who have children born in 2005 between May 1 and August 31 aren’t too happy. Here are some comments we’ve seen:

What about the kids born between May 1 and August 31 2005?? Now they don’t get a 12 year old year at all, What a joke LL!! My son will go from being an 11 year old in 2017 to a 13 year old in 2018 (when the grandfather ends), thus losing his last year and the one he’s been looking forward to since he started playing Little League

The worse part about the new rule is that the (2015 9 year old) completely loses his 12 year old, giving him/her only three years of little league since he will turn 13 during the calendar year! This change is a joke and needs to be overturned our modified! Shame on you for doing these kids that way!

Exactly right, have a kid born July 2005, he loses his entire 12 year old year. Rule is a joke. No wonder so many kids have left Little League.

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