Still more on Little League age change

Friday we brought you the story about the new Little League age requirement and yesterday posted some of the comments we’d read from individuals who did not like the change. Here are some additional comments we’ve seen, not necessarily pertaining to the age cutoff, but to rule changes in general:

Bigger issue: LL needs to move the pitchers mound back to 50′. Kids having to react to a pitched ball like a major leaguer to a 95-98 MPH fastball is ludicrous. AND, Babe Ruth 13 should pitch from 55′ (the most boring baseball on the planet is Babe Ruth 13 y.o.). The move from 46′ to 60’6″ is too much for 95% of 13 y.o. kids. Also, move the basepaths in LL to 65′. Give them a decent chance to turn a DP.

What they should do is phase out the high performance bats. The championship game was a total joke. More like a Home Run Derby than a ballgame. Then there’s the danger they pose to the pitchers.

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