Good information from TruSport

We’ve told you about these folks before. We love their mission and what they stand for. Here is some great info on sports specialization:

Last time, we told you how youth sports can be a vehicle for developing healthy eating habits that help children achieve peak performance both on and off the field. This week, we want to share how playing multiple sports allows children to develop a wider variety of motor skills and helps prevent burnout and injury.

Before you read any further, consider that 88% of players drafted in the 2015 NFL draft played another sport in high school (

Sport specialization is an incredibly hot topic right now and your take on it is likely related to your values and interests as a person.

With the exception of early-specialization sports like figure skating and gymnastics, current research suggests that it is best for children to sample and play multiple sports prior to the age 15. Playing multiple sports allows children to develop a variety of motor skills (footwork, hand/eye coordination, throwing and catching skills) and helps prevent burnout and injury.

Rushing to specialize in one sport can be a detriment to a child’s long-term performance, enjoyment of sport, and even long-term health. Encourage development on all levels for a well-rounded athlete and kid. Specialization isn’t a bad thing, but it’s got to be for the right reasons—and driven by the child.

In order to give you a variety of perspectives and thoughts on if—and when—your child should focus on one sport, we talked to four top youth sports experts for their opinions on the matter.

To read more about single-sport specialization, visit our sport specialization page at or email us at

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