Identifying the right sports program for your child

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Dear TrueSport Family,

Last time, we discussed five great things we learned at the first TrueSport U event. This week, we want to share how to identify the right program or coach for your child.

In the puzzle that is youth sport, the right program and coach can make all the difference; it’s no fun—and can be quite frustrating–to be on a team that is the wrong level or coached by a somebody whose values aren’t aligned with yours.

At the most basic level, look for programs that provide regular opportunities to play; offer an encouraging environment through the challenges of learning to both play a sport and compete; and are diligent about safety. Even at the more advanced levels of youth sport, coaches should view themselves as educators and confidence builders. The key is finding a situation that allows a child to both learn sport skills and maintain a passion for play.

When you choose a coach, you are inviting another adult ‘onto the team’ and asking them to be a part of your athlete’s development. As such, it is important to do three things: get references and check credentials/training for the coach; spend time talking with the coach; and look into the organization.

With all that in mind, we asked four top youth sports experts to address how to find a perfect fit for your child. Read their takes on identifying the right program or coach for your child on our dedicated page at or email us at

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