How Do You Achieve Sport-Life Balance in Youth Sports?

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Dear TrueSport Family,

This week, we want to share some good tactics for maintaining a healthy sport/life balance. 

Sports can be like swimming in the ocean on a big wave day: You survive one wave (or tournament or week of practice), feel good, only to stand up and be hit by the next one you didn’t see coming. While sport/life balance can seem elusive for both your child and your family, it’s important to keep searching for it.

Balance needs to be determined within every family and is often different for each child. The athletes need to be part of the discussion. Why are they doing the sport? What are the objectives? Fun? Use those goals as a springboard for what is appropriate, time-wise.

When a child discovers something they like, they’ll go after it with fervor. No matter the age, it is part of the parental responsibility to help the athlete maintain balance. Remember that rest and recovery is part of the high performance equation and that the world’s best athletes don’t actively compete all year round.

Remind yourself and your child that the goal is not to be excellent at everything. Sacrifices are made on the athletic journey.

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