Nice “thank-you” from a reader

We got a very nice note from someone who happened upon our article on parents and playing time in youth sports. Here’s what they had to say:

Last week I read your article for the first time regarding playing time and thought it was tremendous.  I thought you addressed perfectly this subject which has been an issue forever but is getting increasingly more difficult to deal with due to parents not allowing their kids to take ownership of their “shortcomings”.  I have coached various youth teams  as a volunteer for 32 of the past 40 years  including coaching before I had my own kids, coaching my own kids and now back to coaching kids without any agenda other than to work with kids to be better people through sports.  I would say that your thoughts would also be applicable to kids trying out who don’t even make the team or make the “C” team rather than the “B” team or “B” team rather than the “A” team.  Keep up the good work and stay involved with kids, your ideals are in the right place.