Response to yesterday’s post

Yesterday we told you about a parent whose child plays high school volleyball and the parents who are coalescing to get the coach fired. We received emails from the parent wondering what to do about the situation. This how we responded:

Thanks for the additional detail. This is a tough one with no easy answers and, without being immersed like you are, I may not be much help. But here are my thoughts:

Have you had a conversation with the woman leading this charge to ask her what it is they don’t like about the current coach? Maybe a discussion might help you get clarity or sway them, (probably wishful thinking on the second part)
I’m wondering why you do not want a change made. Is it that you are worried a new coach might favor the girls who complained over yours? If your daughter is good enough to be named a captain as a sophomore and all the girls already play because of the nature of the sport, is this something to be that concerned about? (If it were baseball or football where a second-stringer now might become a first-stringer and your child would waste on the bench it would be a bigger deal). Is it because you like this coach and don’t feel an ouster would be fair? This is also a legitimate reason to stick up for her.

Obviously your two choices are to either fight this or sit back and let the chips fall where they may. Who knows, the administration might decide not to make a change. But if it is really concerning you because you feel what is happening is wrong I think you are fully within your rights and maybe even obligated to speak with the AD and express your concern for this movement and your support for the coach. Are there other parents who feel as you do? Clearly if you’re not the lone voice your sentiments will have more impact.

That’s about the best I can come up with given the current information. I hope this is helpful and again, appreciate your email.

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