You can change youth sports

From our partners at

Dear TrueSport Family,

Over the past few months, we have shared with you information on:

  •          The mental benefits of youth sports
  •          When to specialize your athlete and how to achieve sport-life balance
  •          How to optimize your young athlete’s diet for peak performance
  •          TrueSport’s Deck Pass, and Athlete Ambassador programs

Now, we’d like to ask a small favor. TrueSport is a movement, one powered by you, your kids, and their coaches. Through various channels such as email and social media, and in person, you have told us that you crave to see a culture shift in youth sport. In our efforts, we continually try to make the resources needed to do this available, but we can’t do it alone.

The easiest way you can join the movement and help spread TrueSport’s mission and values is to first engage with us on your favorite social media channel:

fb      twitter      instagram      pinterest      TrueSportUSA
There, you will find updates about the latest TrueSport events and programs coming to a city near you that will allow you ignite a culture of true sport in your community.

However, we also want to hear your own ideas about how to change youth sport, and what kind of events your community would benefit from having. Let us know by emailing

Thank you for joining us and the 1.5 million people we reached in 2014 in helping youth sport live up to its full potential. We look forward to hearing from you and to working together to help reclaim the game.


The TrueSport Team

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