Answers to yesterday’s You Are The Ref

Yesterday we posted another installment of The Guardian UK’s You are the Ref cartoon. The answers to the puzzlers are below:

1) Organise medical help – then deal with what happened. The simple facts are these: you didn’t see the incident and you’re not allowed to use TV evidence during a match. So advise both clubs that you will be reporting the incident to the authorities and make sure that the video evidence is retained. If the injured sub cannot continue, he cannot be replaced on the bench by another squad member as the game is under way.

2) Again, get medical help for the defender, then show him a red card for denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. The defender’s action was deliberate; the striker accidentally caused the injury. Restart with a direct free-kick to the attacking side, or a penalty if the incident took place inside the area.

3) It’s poor refereeing – you should have stopped play and ordered a retake when the wall encroached. As it is, you’ve now no choice but to rule the attacker offside. When he received the ball in that position he was gaining an advantage, so has to be penalised. It’s tough on him, and reflects badly on you, but you have to restart with an indirect free-kick to the defence.

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