Note from high school baseball player’s mom

We continue to get a ton of response from our article on Parents and Playing Time. Some things, such as parents agonizing over their children’s sports, will never change. Below is an email we received from the mother of a high school baseball player and our response:

I wanted to let you know how much this article meant to me as a mom of a boy who gets limited play time on his high school baseball team.  I am fully aware that a coach does not want to hear from his player’s mommy (learned that long ago from my husband).  My son is talented, but not real fast on his feet. I have a suspicion he is not wowing his coach during practice either. I am going to encourage him to bust his butt and make an impression everyday. And, if he doesn’t get the pt he would like, I will encourage my son to speak to his coach directly and I will do and say nothing.

Thank you, _______, for your comments. I wish your son the best and yes, the best way for him to get playing time is to earn it. Much more satisfying and a great lesson for the future. It isn’t a bad idea for him to be proactive and ask right away what he needs to work on to earn more playing time so he knows where the coach sees him deficient. Then if he can get to practice 30 minutes before everyone and stay 30 minutes after everyone has left he’ll show the coach he’s serious about getting better.

Thanks again,


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