Soccer drills and coach appreciation

We run into soccer organizations that frequently tell us that they have regimented training that the put out for their volunteer coaches. Our response to this is, CoachDeck is not a replacement for that training, but the perfect supplement! Many leagues we work with provide a thorough curriculum but still utilize CoachDeck as a coach appreciation gift, thanking coaches for their hard work and willingness to help out. They understand that there are many ways to utilize the deck, as a fill-in if the head coach is absent, a reward for players to pull a card off the deck to play a fun game, and to ensure that if a coach didn’t have time to prepare he still has a great set of drills in his back pocket. The bottom line is that you cannot have too much good material and having a deck of cards containing 52 drills that can all be made into games kids love is icing on the cake!