TrueSport Camps

We are proud to help spread the word about TrueSport. Below is information on their upcoming camps. This is an organization that has its priorities and hearts in the right place!

Dear TrueSport Family,

We would like to thank you for being a part of the TrueSport community and for your continued support to our program. Today, we are excited to announce our 2016 sports camp partnerships for the third year!

TrueSport, along with our sport partners, will provide over 11,000 children with values-based curriculum and education through school and sport camp programs. Not only will kids improve their sport skills, but they will also learn about topics such as leadership, goal-setting, and teamwork from coaches.

“The partnership between Landsharks Running Club and TrueSport has been invaluable. Since day one of Landsharks, we have taught our Positive Motivation Principles, which align exactly with the positive values and character traits of the TrueSport philosophy. By working together, TrueSport has provided us with tools and support, which enhances the teachings of our shared principles,” said Kathy Rex, executive director and co-founder of Landsharks Running Club.

If you are interested in registering for the following TrueSport camps, please click the logo within this email to visit their website for more information. TrueSport is honored have the following camp partners for 2016:

Landsharks Running Club

  • Spring School Program: March 28 – May 9 (Grades K-6)
    • Race Dates: April 17/18, 24/24, and May 1/2
  • Introduction to Track Camp: June 6 – 16 (Grades 1-6)
  • Cross-Country Preparation Camp: August 1 – 11 (Grades 2-6)
  • Fall School Program: August 29 – October 10 (Grades K-6)
  • JO Cross Country Camp: October 5 – December 10 (Ages 7-14)

Colorado College Volleyball Camps

  • Youth Skills: June 2 – 3 (Grades 2-8)
  • Advance Skills: June 6 – 8 (Grades 7-12)
  • Position Camp: June 9 – 10 (Grades 7-12)
  • Prospect Camp: July 22 – 24 (Grades 9-12)
  • Advance Skills: June 25 – 27 (Grades 7-12
  • Youth Skills: July 28 – 29 (Grades 2-8)

University of Denver Pioneers Lacrosse Camps, powered by LXTC

  • Camp Session 1: June 7 – 10 (at DU Campus)
  • Camp Session 2: June 11 – 14 (at CU Bolder)
  • Camp Session 3: July 25 – 28 (at DU Campus)
  • Camp Session 4: July 29 – August 1 (at DU Campus)

Air Force Academy Sports Camps

  • Session 1: June 13 – 17
  • Session 2: June 20 – 24
  • Session 3: June 27 – 29 (Commuter-only)

USA Volleyball Camps

  • U.S. Youth and Junior National Teams
  • USA A1 National Training Team Programs: Junior, Youth, Select
  • USA National A2 Invitational Team Programs: Junior, Youth, Select
  • USA National A3 Training Programs: Youth, Select
  • USA National Skills Programs: Select, Future Select
  • USA Future Select National Training Program
  • USA Volleyball High Performance National Team Prospect Training Blocks: Youth, Select (Winter)
  • USA Region Prospect Training Blocks: All ages (Winter)

To learn more on TrueSport Camps, please visit or by engaging with us on the following social media channels:

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