Free online drills!

We get asked all the time about putting some videos online so that folks can download free soccer, baseball, softball, football or basketball drills. But is that really what people want? Sure there are plenty of drills online that are free, but how much is your time worth? Let’s say that for one practice, you watch a two-minute video showing a drill. Then you spend another two minutes finding the next one to to watch. You do that five times. Then you print out sheets of paper reminding you what the drills showed, (though you’ll never be able to remember 100% tomorrow at practice so there is a good chance you’ll get it wrong). You’ve just spent a half hour of your valuable time getting ready for one practice. If you have ten practices this season, that’s five hours. Again, how much is your time worth? Is five hours worth more than $20.00 to you? Probably worth a lot more. Why not instead pick up a CoachDeck and never have to spend valuable time planning, watching, printing, buffering or downloading again? You’ll have endless combinations of fun practices at your fingertips this season, and every season hereafter. Sounds like a pretty good deal all things considered.