Is Baseball Boring? How to Keep Kids Interested

By Doug Bernier

Baseball is boring!

We’ve all heard that said.

Baseball is a game with slower tempo than football, basketball, and hockey. It has less of an adrenaline rush than the X games.  Some people tag baseball as “boring” and not fun to watch or play.

In my experience, people who think that way are usually missing out on one VERY important aspect of the game.

I was reading The Matheny Manifesto during Spring Training of this year. Mike Matheny is the very respected Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. He was a big league catcher for 13 years and has tremendous baseball knowledge. A particular section of the book stood out to me as he was explaining some of his methods for being a little league coach. After every practice he would teach the players their responsibility during a given play.

Teaching strategy.  In Little League.  Mind blown.

For example, he said that most players didn’t realize that during a ground ball to 3rd base everyone on the field has a responsibility and a place to be. He found that once kids (and even parents) realized this, that the game became less boring.

Playing outfield (which can seem boring, especially in youth leagues) can be more interactive and fun as you are thinking through scenarios of where to be on any ball that is put in play.

The game can slow down at times such as when coach visits the mound, or when the pitcher is having trouble throwing strikes, or maybe even when the pitcher is striking everyone out. But I know that for me, when I am thinking through the game and different situations it makes the game more challenging and fun.

I take this approach even when I am watching games. This helps me to keep learning and makes the game more enjoyable.  My hope is that Pro Baseball Insider can be a tool to help some folks to understand the game a little better, a tool to help those of us who love the game of baseball show others who think baseball is boring that there is more to the game than first meets the eye.

So, is baseball boring?  How to keep kids interested in baseball?   Once kids learn the strategy involved, they will be involved in every play -even if they don’t touch the baseball on that particular play.

So, even at a young age,  learning how to think along with the game can turn baseball from a boring to a strategic often exciting game.

Your turn.  Now here’s the question for you all.  What do you think is the best age to begin teaching baseball strategy?  Certainly there is a LOT to learn in baseball.  Do you know a creative way to make teaching the finer points of baseball strategy and positioning fun to learn?

Doug Bernier, founder of Pro Baseball, debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and has played professional baseball for 13 years. Most recently, Doug signed with the Minnesota Twins in 2013, where he logged time at every infield position except 1st base in 33 Major League games. Currently Doug is with the Twins’ AAA team in Rochester, NY. Originally published at