What if your child doesn’t make all-stars?

We all know this is a stressful time of year for parents of baseball and softball players. Being selected to the league’s all-star team is an honor and can be a thrill. But what if your child is not chosen? Every year there are borderline players who get left off the team and are disappointed. Often, their parents believe it is because of nepotism or favoritism, some “ism” and vent their bitterness in complaints and online forums. We’re not saying that politics don’t ever come into play, in fact we know they do and have witnessed it first-hand. However, the way you react can go a long way towards turning it into something positive instead of being a catastrophe for your youngster. The best thing to do is turn it into a motivator. Explain that this whole process is a marathon, not a sprint and that if you (the player) really want success badly enough, think long-term. Kids grow, bodies change, things are going to happen over the next 4-5 years and who knows, if you work harder then maybe the next time you’ll be picked and one of these other players won’t. The best lesson we can give our kids in the face of adversity is not to blame, but to overcome.