Support the American Baseball Foundation

One of our partners, American Baseball Foundation, is putting on an event that is sure to be fun for all:

American Baseball Foundation’s 16th Annual Lead Off Dinner featuring Hall of Famer Jim Rice.  Please make plans to donate and attend the Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 event.
$1200-Gold Sponsor
Table for 8 in priority seating area
2 Tickets to VIP Cocktail Party
Name/Logo recognition in event program,
 all marketing materials and social media
$750-Bronze Sponsor
Tickets for four
2 Tickets to VIP Cocktail Party
Name/Logo recognition in event program
Individual Tickets $150
Please call or contact the ABF at:  205-558-4235;;
Recently the ABF received a high compliment as one of the monitors for the after-school program mentioned that our enrichment period was the punishment for misbehavior. That is the child cannot attend if she/he breaks the rules.   Why do the children value our reading/sports visits that take place weekly throughout the school year? Because they are fun!   Everything is a game!
Two hop scotch groups vie with each to use the site words that they have just jumped through to make human sentences before the opposition by lining up in sentence order one word per student.
Combining site words and catching a ball, students contribute to their teams by recognizing the site word (one point) and catching the ball (one point).
At the end of the reading period, students form one group to answer questions regarding the reading in order to move on to the sports period of the lesson.
Students play “Stump the Coach” by forming teams that ask the coach questions related to the book being read.   The team that poses the most difficult questions wins achievement tickets.
Students add and subtract teams’ points to win achievement tickets between baseball/softball half innings.
Teams compete for tickets as they rotate through the three aspects of baseball/softball—hitting, running and fielding.
 Wouldn’t you like some fun after sitting in school all day and then being ushered into the after-school program to be supervised for the two hours before pick up? Wouldn’t you maintain best behavior in order to experience BASIC?

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