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Little League recently posted on their Facebook page their rules for “Mandatory Play.” This rule, that a player in Little League must play a minimum of two innings in the field and get a minimum of one at-bat is in place to ensure no coach sits a child on the bench an entire game. Is this rule fair? Is it enough, or is it too much? Here is a comment posted by a parent. What do you think?”

Mandatory play is a joke when last I knew. I remember fighting that battle the first year my kids played, they put 1 twin in 3 outs 1 @bat then swapped him out for his twin brother,not once all season were both my kids on the field together. I do think that the mandatory play time should be 50/50 of the game for substitutions. Also the sub’s can’t be the same every game and must change every game and at no point during the season can you use the same set of sub’s. That’s the most fair and accurate way to ensure fair playing time for all. Because as a parent I’ve seen coaches pick a lots of favorites and that’s that. So I got involved in LL baseball and coached both my boys and made a point of always picking them last. They understood. And we’re fine with it.

3 Responses

  1. Not sure what the point of signing up for little league is if you don’t even get to play. One at bat/2 innings on the field still seems like barely having an effect on the game though. A lot of this probably comes down to how competitive your league/team is and what your expectations are though.

    • Thank you for your feedback. It would be nice to think that most coaches would voluntarily do more than the minimum but unfortunately the rule must be in place because there are some who would bench a kid all game.

  2. […] we posted some comments about the Little League Mandatory Play rule which stipulates that a player must play a minimum of […]

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