NCAA College Soccer starts tonight

Men’s and Women’s college soccer has a full regular season schedule on tap tonight as Division One schools from around the country kick off the 2017 campaign. Good luck to all players and coaches and best wishes for an exciting year!

Great advice from TrueSport

From our friends at TrueSport. Be sure to read the article accompanying this blurb below:

Youth sports are a great place to teach athletes about teamwork, but sometimes it’s your own child who doesn’t seem to ‘get’ it and isn’t a team player. Instead of treating the situation as a shortcoming or like your athlete is doing something wrong, turn it into a positive lesson about leadership and the importance of teamwork. Just like with improving the skills needed for their sport, there are steps you can take to improve your athlete’s ability to be a team player!

Wouldn’t it be nice if coaches studied?

We hear from so many soccer leagues that rely on hundreds of volunteer coaches in their rec soccer program to take online courses or study extensive curriculum designed to create thorough, “progressive” practice sessions. Some may actually do it. But we know that many, maybe most, do not. It is all they can do to find enough time to get to practice after cutting out of work early. What do those folks do at the field? They typically end up just dividing the team into two and scrimmaging. That’s why we designed CoachDeck. The handy deck of cards with 52 good, fundamental drills designed by an A-Licensed coach not only make running a great practice a snap, but since each drill can be made into a fun game, the kids love every minute. It’s a great way for organizations to show appreciation to hard-working volunteers.

Custom Team Football Gloves

Our partners at Upstart Sports have can make your high school or youth football team the sharpest looking team in the league. Top-quality, exceptional fit and durability, you’ll be the envy of your opponents. Check them out at

CoachDeck Soccer client feedback

Below is some terrific feedback we received from a client using our CoachDeck for soccer. Every coach needs a CoachDeck!

Yes I recieved the deck, and my initial thoughts are great. The drills look easy to do and learn from a coaching perspective and a young player perspective. 

I was finally able to use 2 of the drills Monday evening. First Time Shooting and Bumpout. Both of which were easy to set up and the kids loved doing it. 

I love the soccer balls indicating difficulty so I can try to pick from the easier ones to start and build up. 

Personally I have a difficult time figuring out soccer drills because soccer doesn’t come to me as naturally as basketball does. So when I plan a soccer practice I’m nervous to find great skill oriented drills and I’m not sure if it will necessarily be any fun. 

Then when I find a drill online I have to reread it many times to figure out what exactly to do. With CoachDeck, after you get familiar with the terminology, a quick look twice over the card and im confident and ready to go!

I can definitely see a first time coach having a much easier time preparing for practice with CoachDeck. Also a coach like myself that’s been doing it for a couple of years, I’m less stressed knowing I have plenty of drills if I don’t have time to sit down and search for drills online. 

I definitely love the product!

Five ways parents can encourage teamwork from the sideline

Great stuff from our friends at TrueSport and a must-read for moms and dads with children playing sports.

So Close…Again!

Yesterday we told you about one of our Little League clients from Peachtree City, GA which came within one game of making it out of the incredibly competitive Southeast Region to the Little League World Series. Well, in the Southwest Region, it happened to another of our clients! McAllister Park Little League from San Antonio lost a 2-1 heartbreaker in the championship game and also fell one short of the LLWS. Both of these teams had a tremendous run to get as far as they did and will remember the experience for the rest of their lives. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it happen for the kids and congratulations!