Great advice from TrueSport

From our friends at TrueSport. Be sure to read the article accompanying this blurb below:

Youth sports are a great place to teach athletes about teamwork, but sometimes it’s your own child who doesn’t seem to ‘get’ it and isn’t a team player. Instead of treating the situation as a shortcoming or like your athlete is doing something wrong, turn it into a positive lesson about leadership and the importance of teamwork. Just like with improving the skills needed for their sport, there are steps you can take to improve your athlete’s ability to be a team player!

One Response

  1. Agree wholeheartedly with the benefits from the team. Think it would be great if the article had context in terms of age and/or stage of player development.

    There are coaches who will take this at face value and drill it into young kids. It happens often, common shouts…. “Spread out,” “Same team,” “Pass, pass, pass”. Teamwork is more effective if they are developed individually.

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