Trinidad and Tobago end US World Cup hopes

Do you think the youth players in Trinidad and Tobago have the same resources as in the United States? Yet while we continue to “professionalize” our youth ranks, we are continually surpassed by countries that just let their kids play. Maybe we should take a lesson and realize that sometimes less is more. Article courtesy News Herald News and Chris Lillstrung

One Response

  1. That’s why our national teams won’t dominate in the future. Please note, many male dominated soccer countries are embracing the women’s game.

    Our grassroots programs hinders player development because many coaches, despite meaning the best for the kids, do not have the education and training. Hence the environment involves over-coaching and is centered around the coach. In poorer countries, kids are able to fall in love with the game, discover and experiment. In the long run, they have the technical skills and insights demanded post puberty. In the USA, neophtye coaches focuses too much on team and tactics, plus they want the kid’s game to be played like the pros. End result – athletes, soccer needs artists.

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