ABF Lead-off dinner

Please consider sponsoring the February Lead-off Dinner held by our partners at the American Baseball Foundation:

In a couple of months, the ABF will host Mr. Tommy John as our guest speaker at our 17th annual fund raising dinner on Friday, February 2nd, 2018.  Tommy was a very successful Major League pitcher who won a total of 288 games. He is remembered as the pioneer in having ligament replacement in his throwing elbow to allow him to continue to pitch. After his historical surgery, Tommy won 164 or 57% of all his games. Tommy knows how to overcome obstacles.

Several of the children that the ABF works with each week in our after-school programs with Better Basics Inc. face formidable obstacles. The following passage summarizes these obstacles.

“What we know about the development of literacy skills is really quite clear. We know, for example, that literacy begins developing at birth and that the years before a child enters school are integral to this development. In fact, this is the time when the foundation of one’s literacy skills begins to develop. This explains why the earlier in life one tries to learn a second language, the easier it is. When the foundation for acquiring language skills is not laid properly, a child is placed at a disadvantage that will, in all probability, last a lifetime. For policymakers to pretend this isn’t true and create policies as if schools can undo the damage done by parents who aren’t properly engaged in their child’s earliest educational development does a horrible disservice to our youth. It is particularly harmful, as a rule, to children who are raised in poverty and who do not receive the at-home stimulation they deserve. 

The fact is, a child’s out-of-school experiences, not the school he or she attends, is the single most important factor in literacy development. We know that a child is given the greatest opportunity to thrive when he or she is provided an enriched learning environment in a home in which a parent, grandparent, sibling, or other caregiver properly interacts with him or her. Having an adult read to, talk to, sing to, and otherwise immerse a child in an enriched language environment beginning at birth provides him or her an advantage over a child who is not likewise engaged.” From Reading for Life: Why Childhood Literacy Matters Pages 54-55

The obstacles are many but the will to have fun with reading runs strong in children. After a normal reading session, we have all the children become one team. They have to answer two of three questions based on the reading to begin the sports section of the after-school enrichment. Not all the questions are answered by the readers. Our poorly-nurtured students jostle their peers to answer. They have been attentive and desire to help the group. They have the Tommy John will to succeed as a reader.

Please consider assisting and attending the ABF’s Lead Off Dinner with Tommy John.
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