American Baseball Foundation Christmas Wish List

From our partners at the ABF:

In the spirit of the season, a number of not-for-profit organizations will notify its clients, donors, supporters of the organization’s “wish list”. As in past eras of writing to Santa Claus, the would-be recipients prioritize their needs and request donations such as cars, computers, software and other goods that usually are in short supply in the not-for-profit world. I have never assessed whether their efforts bear Christmas fruit, but the concept does inspire me to make the ABF ‘s list.
All fathers and mothers read to their children before and after birth, continuing the habit into all formative school years
All fathers and mothers talk to their children on a range of subjects, even though the child is too young too reply.
Families ration the use of any and all computer and hand-held games
Families seek out recreational and sports outlets for their children. Keep them moving.
Families purchase math-related games that children can enjoy and from which they can benefit.
Families seek out simple biographies of famous persons who have overcome difficulties to achieve great heights in their fields of endeavor. 
This is a selfish wish list. The ABF desires that all its students experience the joy of reading & math and the joy of movement in sports this Christmas and throughout their lives.  Then BASIC will be even more fun.

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