Seventeenth Annual ABF Event Attracts Over Three Hundred

Tommy John Entertains ABF Enthusiasts, Courtesy our partners at the American Baseball Foundation:

Major League pitcher and groundbreaking comeback hero, Tommy John detailed his return to the mound after Dr. Frank Jobe, Los Angeles Dodger orthopaedic surgeon took a tendon from his leg and repaired his elbow in his throwing arm allowing him to return to the Major Leagues and win an extra 154 games. Tommy joked that many present players ask him if he is a doctor, since the surgery is now named Tommy John. 
Harkening back to his mid-west upbringing and the influence of his father, John noted that he has always remembered who he is and where he came from.  He has not let fame flame his pride. He also bemoaned the reliance on speed as the factor in gauging pitching performance, as he noted that pitch control with movement on the pitch is the key in having the hitter mishit the ball.  Also Tommy offered numerous entertaining stories related to competing at the highest level of play, as he did for twenty six years. 
The ABF bestowed its leadership award, now named after deceased ABF board member Jerry Mileur who spent his life in service of his university students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Ms. Teresa McGaughy, community youth sport leader and ABF volunteer for over two decades received the award amid her loving family, who members have come to serve young students through volunteer and teaching positions in the ABF.

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