How Youth Sports Parents Encourage Doping – Without Even Knowing It!

More good stuff from our friends at TrueSport:

You may be totally opposed to doping, but the actions and attitudes of a parent can sometimes have an unexpected effect on a young athlete’s belief system!

Read this article to learn how parents inadvertently push their kids toward taking performance enhancing drugs, without even knowing it!


Two days of sports heaven

Maybe you’re a college student and today’s classes are not all that important. Maybe you have vacation days saved at work or you’ve got a little bug that’s going to keep you out the rest of the week. Or, maybe you’re like us and have lots of work that has to get done but you’ll be sneaking peeks on your computer or mobile device throughout the day today and tomorrow. Whatever the case, the fun tips off at 12:15 EST and doesn’t end until about twelve hours later. And then, we do it all again tomorrow! Enjoy March Madness’ most thrill-filled two days. We are sponsoring a bill to make these days a national holiday. Are you with us?

Baseball safety course coming!

In the next few days we will have something transformative to offer your baseball and softball leagues. We are joining forces with SAFE Baseball to offer our customers a chance to provide the SAFE Baseball – Softball Online Safety Course to their coaches and other volunteers! This course is dynamic and exciting and is taught by CoachDeck LLC President, Brian Gotta. More details to come this week so stay tuned!


Full first round NCAA tournament schedule

Wondering when the March Madness tournament kicks off tonight? Not sure when your favorite team plays their first round game? Here is a full guide to the tournament schedule including where you can find the games on television. Go (insert your bracket winner here)!



Well, not every team that hoped to get in did, which is always the case. There were some snubs and many were questionable, but the field of 68 is set and we couldn’t be more excited for our favorite sporting event of the year! Fill out your brackets and tell us who you’ve got. The field this year is wide open!


5 Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries

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Failure Breeds BASIC Success

From our partners at the American Baseball Foundation:

“The problem . . . is that the best way for a young person to build character is for him to attempt something where there is a real and serious possibility of failure. In a high-risk endeavor, whether it’s in business or athletics or the arts, you are more likely to experience colossal defeat than in a low-risk one—but you’re also more likely to achieve real and original success.”   How Children Succeed Paul Tough p. 85
In the ABF’s BASIC program under-served children succeed and fail repeatedly over the course of the day.  Many of the successes are in fact original as they begin to dominate a new sports skill such as serving the volleyball.  These the children already know failure given adverse family situations. It’s the repeated successes after the failures that build their character.  Perseverance engenders the notion, “Never Give Up”.  The internalization of this trait has become a concrete goal for our children. 
Tabitha is a shining example. Participating in the ABF after-school school program for two years, she regularly wins tickets for reading comprehension. Her deformed right hand however has made it painfully difficult for her to hit the bat.  She recently switched to hit on her left side and now clobbers the ball using the one good hand on the bat—“real and original success”.