Quote for today

It’s a good one:

“The most unprofitable item ever manufactured is an excuse.” – John Mason

No excuses today! Go out and make it happen!

PHIT America Inactivity Reports

Our partners at PHIT America.org have released their newest reports on the state of our nation’s fitness:

Download now the latest look into what is going on with physical activity…and inactivity in our country. There are some alarming trends which must be reversed for both the sports & fitness industry and healthcare in America.

Great weekend to get out there!

Remember how much you hated the winter months when it was too cold outside to run, golf, hike, walk, play tennis or anything else? Well take advantage of those summer months and get out side and do something this weekend. The best way to come into Sunday evening is sore and tired!

Activity level of 19 year-olds akin to the average 60 year-old

That sad statistic is brought to us by our partners at PHIT America.org via a study done by the Washington Post. Isn’t 19 when we should be at our physical peak, running around having fun? According to PHIT this is a result of a combination of reduced recess time in schools, (creating sedentary habits) and increased screen time because of technology. Put down those phones and video games and get outdoors today!

Two CoachDeck clients vie for historic district championship

One of our first and longest-running CoachDeck clients, Del Mar (CA) American Little League is playing tonight in the California Little League District 31 Majors Championship game with a chance to win the first-ever District Championship in league history. The league they face in the final, Encinitas Little League, is also a CoachDeck client. Good luck to both teams!

Happy Independence Day!

Let’s all enjoy the 4th of July holiday with family, friends, and maybe some fireworks. If you can mix in a game or run or walk or ride, all the better. Have happy holiday!

What will you do this weekend?

Playing a little golf? Watching some Little League all-stars? Kicking the soccer ball around with your daughter? Going on a scenic hike? The best way to get ready for our nation’s birthday is to enjoy the freedom we have to do our favorite things. Have a great weekend from CoachDeck!