What age is the right age to join club sports?

We get asked this question frequently. Club soccer, club baseball, travel basketball? How young is too young and what age is correct?

Bad Calls Happen

From our friends at TrueSport:

From viral videos of youth sport parents fighting on the sidelines, to youth sport communities posting signs like this…

Youth Sports Good Behavior Reminder Sign

There is an increasing need to explicitly remind spectators that sport is meant to be fun for kids.

Bad calls happen. But how you react on the sidelines makes or breaks the atmosphere on the field.

Continue reading to learn the best ways for coaches and parents to respond to bad calls.

Benched by the Coach in Youth Sports

We found this article by Helen Laxner to be very interesting. What are your thoughts on her perspective? Courtesy, WeHaveKids.com.

Sad display at an AAU game

These videos speak for themselves. Let’s get it together, people. Sports are supposed to be for enjoyment?

Youth sports teach more than just skills and drills – don’t you think?

From our friends at TrueSport.org:

It’s become a growing concern for some that today’s youth are becoming more dependent on everything from their parents to technology. Thankfully, that’s where youth sports come in. From accountability to confidence, youth sports provides coaches and parents the opportunity to create teaching moments that help build an athlete’s character from a young age.

True crime in Little League

The youth league volunteer who steals money from the league is often thought of as the most vile of criminals, at least to those of us who love, follow, and/or participate in youth sports. But this entertainingly-written article by Joshua David Stein of Fatherly.com puts on a spin that (almost) has you empathizing with the scoundrels.

Do you know how to keep your team safe in the summer heat?

From our friends at TrueSport.org:

You see it on the news every summer. Youth athletes hospitalized due to heat illness. As parents and coaches, it is important to recognize the signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Keep your athletes safe by learning how to detect and prevent heat illness from happening on your watch.