Epic Little League scrimmage

Cubs analyst David DeJesus and White Sox analyst Scott Podsednik showed up at Garfield Park Little League located in Chicago to challenge players to a fun game. Take a look at the video here, courtesy of NBC Sports.


Congratulations to Georgia and Alabama

Looks like an all-SEC title game for 2017-18. Congratulations to Georgia and Alabama for winning their semi-final match-ups and setting up a rematch for all the marbles. These kids have been playing football and doing drills like in the ones in CoachDeck for Football since they were little kids and it all comes to a culmination next week!

The big business of youth sports

Youth sports is becoming a huge business with everything from travel costs for parents to new companies springing up to capitalize. Is this a good thing? This Time Magazine article is an eye-opener.

Eagles donate to youth sports

Philadelphia Eagles Zach Ertz and Lane Johnson have stepped up their games to benefit youth sports in their community. Check out the details here. Courtesy 6ABC and Chad Pradelli.

Race car driver stops mid-race to save dog

Hats off to race car driver Carlos Matos. While speeding toward victory in the Constalica Rallye Vouzela competition he turned a corner to see a stray dog in the road. You can see what he did next here. He didn’t win the race, but the won the admiration of the fans.

Happens every year in college football

Every year there are teams that probably deserve a shot at the playoffs left out. Our friends at Sports Product Review are very strongly opinionated on this matter. We couldn’t agree more. Make it eight!

High School Coach Resigns Amid Threats

Is this what high school sports has come to in America? If what this coach says is true, and there is no reason to believe it isn’t, these parents should be ashamed, if not arrested.