More softball all-star chants

I feel good!
I feel great!
‘Cause (name) is at the plate!

She’s our super superstar
She’s gonna hit the ball so far!

Softball Tournament Chants

It’s softball tournament time. Are there any new chants you can share? Here’s one for you:

Hey batter, batter
Take a look at me
Hey batter, batter
Whoops! It’s strike three!

Get used to hearing this name

Hunter Greene. Maybe the first player ever who could be drafted out of high school as the number one pick as both a right-handed pitcher and a shortstop. His athletic gifts are remarkable, but you’ll want to read the Sports Illustrated article to find out how baseball is only part of what makes him so impressive.

Tremendous turnaround for high school baseball program

New coach. New attitude. A lot of hard work in fundraising. And now a high school team that had recently lost a game 42-0 is playing like a team and winning games. We’re rooting for Ranier Beach the rest of the season!

Hockey playoffs!

If you don’t follow the NHL during the regular season, this is our pitch to encourage you to tune in for the post-season. There is arguably no sport more exciting to watch, especially during the playoffs. The enthusiasm of the crowds is unmatched in any other sport, as is the effort of the players. Even if you don’t have a favorite team, give it a chance this year. You’ll have a favorite sport if you do.

That’s a funny team photo

Thanks for everything this year, coach. The players all really loved being on the team, playing and taking the team photo…well maybe not the last one. (Courtesy

High School Football Motivation for a Friday

It’s not an incredible play, or a fire-and-brimstone locker room speech – it’s better. Read the Los Angeles Times’ varsity beat writer Eric Sondheimer’s article about some youth high school football players who will be making a positive contribution to society in the years to come.