Iowa Hawkeyes fantastic tradition

We didn’t know about this tradition at the Iowa Hawkeyes Kinnick Stadium but now that we do, we’re Hawkeyes fans. Go Iowa. Courtesy


Get caught up in college football

If you missed this weekend’s highlights, here you go, courtesy of NCAA.

Quote form the Bambino

Today’s quote comes from Babe Ruth: “Every strike got me that much closer to a home run.” Take those wise words with you today as you encounter setbacks and challenges!

Silly Scheduling

We’re big college football fans and we love a good Saturday of big-time action. We were really excited about tomorrow knowing that four games pitting Top-25 teams against each other were on tap. Then we looked at the schedule and realized they are all scheduled to be televised at virtually the same time. #13 Auburn vs. #3 Clemson begins at 7:00 PM EST, then at 7:30 #5 Oklahoma and #2 Ohio State square off as do #24 Notre Dame and #15 Georgia. One hour later the matchup between #14 Stanford and #6 USC begins. Was there no way to space these out any better? Or is this a case of network greed for prime time advertising winning out over what’s best for the fans?

Walk-off win for the coaches

If you haven’t seen the end of yesterday’s elimination game between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, you missed an exciting walk-off two run double to end the game. But what we liked best was the way the Venezuelan coaches rushed to the field to comfort the Dominican pitcher who was sobbing on the field. Great stuff reminding us what youth sports should be about. (Courtesy of The Big and Kyle Koster).

NCAA College Soccer starts tonight

Men’s and Women’s college soccer has a full regular season schedule on tap tonight as Division One schools from around the country kick off the 2017 campaign. Good luck to all players and coaches and best wishes for an exciting year!

Six great examples of sportsmanship

From our friends at True These are great stories and include the likes of Rafael Nadal and Peyton Manning. Read and be inspired!