What College Coaches Look For In High School Athletes

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With a lot of competition for a relatively small number of athletic scholarships, high school athletes need to know what college coaches are looking for. Performance on the field matters, but so does what you do off the field. Read our guide to find out what college coaches are looking for in their scholarship athletes.


Another voice in the crowd

We’ve opined on this topic many times. How travel sports can be rewarding, but can also eat away at a family’s structure. Debra Moffitt of Slate shares many of the same thoughts.

Youth League All-Stars can be unfair

This is the time of year we get emails and comments from parents about how unfair all-stars are. They theme is that there are children who deserve to be on the team who have their hearts broken because of nepotism. Board members and coaches’ children get preferential treatment, they maintain. This article we wrote several years ago offers a pretty effective solution for this situation. While it may be too late to implement this in your league this year, join the board and see to it that this policy is enacted for future seasons.

No rolled bats in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island District 4 Little League has implemented a plan that they hope will end the practice of players gaining an unfair advantage from using a “rolled” bat in the upcoming all-star tournament. What is a “rolled” bat and how do they intend to identify them? This article explains.

Remembering what it’s about

This is the time of year that youth baseball coaches start to turn on the competitive spirit. League championships, all-stars. But it is also the time of year to remember what our most important purpose in coaching is, and that is to make sure our players want to come back and play again. This story might put it into perspective.

Do Kids Need Recovery Drinks After Exercise?

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High-protein recovery drinks are marketed as an essential requirement for any athlete who actually wants to make progress. As a parent of a school-aged athlete, here’s what you need to know before fixing a protein shake for your active child.

Helicopter Parent or Hipster Parent?

That’s the question posed by Christine Rosen in Commentary Magazine nearly ten years ago entitled, The Parents Who Don’t Want to Be Adults. Interesting read for all new parents. She asserts, “The self-esteem generation is raising its children by looking in the mirror.”