Great quote for a Monday

“The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack.” Get the pack moving today!

Today’s Quote

We’ll send you into the weekend with this deep thought by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” Enjoy the weekend of football, basketball and exercise!

OnDeck welcomes new advertiser LeftySwag

We’re proud to have LeftySwag as a sponsor of our OnDeck Newsletter! Their overload and underload training bats are extremely unique, as is their gear. Check them out. We think you’ll love what they do!

High School Basketball Brawl

The parents from rivals Lexington and Wooster high schools in Ohio cannot be too proud after this recent altercation. Time for adults to behave as adults no matter the game’s outcome.

Happy New Year from CoachDeck

Here is wishing all a safe, happy and prosperous 2017. Here’s also wishing all youth sports leagues provide a safe, fun and educational experience for their players this year.

Cam Newton makes fan’s day

Cam Newton does a lot of good things in his community away from the cameras. Fortunately, this moment was caught on video. Watch the little fan’s reaction when Cam enters his hospital room. Courtesy CBS Sports.

OnDeck welcomes new advertiser, Glovemate!

If you or someone you know plays baseball or softball, they need to know about our newest advertiser, Glovemate. This ingenious little product takes the sting out of catching a thrown or hit ball. It’s a perfect confidence-builder for young players and career-extender for older players.