More softball all-star chants

I feel good!
I feel great!
‘Cause (name) is at the plate!

She’s our super superstar
She’s gonna hit the ball so far!

Softball Tournament Chants

It’s softball tournament time. Are there any new chants you can share? Here’s one for you:

Hey batter, batter
Take a look at me
Hey batter, batter
Whoops! It’s strike three!

Custom Football Gloves

Did you know that our partners at Upstart Sports did custom football gloves too? We already told you about their custom batting gloves. If you’re involved in a youth football league or high school team, their custom gloves make a great spirit pack item or just terrific option to enhance your team’s uniform.

Angry letter from lacrosse coach

This posted by Tom Ley of Deadspin and contains some off-color wording so we ordinarily wouldn’t publish this. But there is something here about the coach/player/parent dynamic that is all too common in ultra-competitive youth travel sports. This may be over the top, especially because it seems to pertain to a middle school player, but when reading it one wonders where the real truth in the situation lies.

Enrollment Open for the ABF’s 20th Annual Summer BASIC Program

Please pass along the information below from our friends at BASIC:

Where BASIC has been pales in importance compared to where BASIC will be. Annually BASIC expands its academic and sports offerings to make the 130-hour program more fun.
The ABF has open enrollment for students ages 7 to 14 (grades one through eight) for its month-long program to be held in June at Hudson K 8 School in north Birmingham. This 20th annual program boasts a teaching staff that has never be equaled in BASIC annals. Ms. Debra Rainey, a veteran BASIC teacher of 20 years, will lead the math instruction. Reading expert and 12-year veteran, Ms. Lindi Wilson, helps students rehearse for life through BASIC books. Mr. Nathan Langston, sports and academics guru rounds out academics. Sports instructors, Mr. Julius Burrell, 19-year veteran and Mr. Ernesto Valladares, 6-year BASIC student, three-year BASIC volunteer and three-year head soccer instructor form the sports instructional team. Coach Kenneth McGaughy returns to BASIC to add to his six years of instruction in the program. Heading the program will be Ms. Alana Davis, a five-year veteran of BASIC.     No summer program can match Summer BASIC 2017 for experience and for caring for the children.
BASIC is offered to families of under-served children at a cost of $50.00 per family, irrespective of the amount of children enrolled.
To download the BASIC registration form, click here

More from yesterday’s post

Below you can read the follow-up conversation we had with the coach who asked us our opinion about what to do about a woman who posted something critical of him on Facebook.

Coach’s email:

Thanks for the quick reply.
I coach 9-10 baseball in a small town in Arkansas.  Our games are 6 inning or 1.5 hours long.  We practiced with her son at the catchers position during 4 or 5 practices but decided to go with a couple more boys because he son does not hustle and missed a lot of pitches. 
I have copied her post below.  It may not sound like much but I am not used to being criticized.   
“Really proud of my (name removed) today!! He’s been bat catcher for the entire 6 years he’s played ball. (Since he was 4.)This year, it’s apparent he won’t get to, even though the other kids on his team don’t really want the position. He had a rough game yesterday between not getting to catch & sitting out 2 innings & was pretty upset & pretty much gave up for the 2nd half of the game. We had a talk on the way home about not giving them the satisfaction of giving up. Today he went out there at practice & did what he had to do, even though tomorrow we have to find out if he has a broken or jammed finger. He didn’t let it get him down, even when he was yelled at for taking off his glove in the outfield when he was hurting… and I never saw tears in his eyes until we got in the truck. I’m very proud of the way he played today & that he didn’t give up even when he very clearly was in pain & upset. He has way better of an attitude about things than his Momma for sure! Way to go son!”
Her son took his glove off during the last 3 batters of practice and was just holding it under his arm.  I told him to put his glove back on and that he wasn’t ready.  I was on the 3rd baseline and he was in LF so I wasn’t yelling at her kid. 
Any more feedback is appreciated. 

Our response:

I would ignore it and just do what you think is right in terms of playing time/positions. If she does it again, then tell her you would like to speak with her privately. I think I’d also report it to the league just so that they’re aware in the event it becomes an ongoing issue. Real shame what she’s doing to her kid.

New wrinkle to Parents and Playing Time

One of our most-read posts just garnered us question we haven’t heard before. For all the good of social media, there are downsides as well. Parents, don’t use Facebook to complain about your child’s coach. Send and email or pick up the phone. Would you want someone posting a complaint about you at work for all to see? Especially if you didn’t get paid to do your job?

The reader writes:

I just read your article about dealing with parents because one of the mothers of my kids I coach posted a lengthy message on Facebook about her boys playing time.  She was upset that her son had set out 2 innings during our practice game Saturday and that I told him to get his glove on during practice yesterday.  She mentioned on Facebook that he might have a jammed finger but I was unaware of this at practice and nothing was said to me or the other coaches about an injury. 
Do you suggest letting this go or should I contact the mother directly?  I had even thought about sharing your article on Facebook without pointing anyone out.  
I just want to do what’s best for my team.  I spend countless hours and money trying to make these kids better and have fun.  
Our response:

Thank you for your note. I appreciate you reaching out.

Usually when I receive these types of inquiries I always say that I am only hearing one side of the story and that I’d need to hear the other side to be able to make a fair assessment. So I don’t know enough about what type of league this is, whether two innings is standard, and don’t know what this mom’s issue is with you telling her son to put on his glove.  You say the post was lengthy buy only mention two complaints so since I haven’t seen her post I can only assume there is more.

With that said, however, I can answer your question: You absolutely should contact this mother directly and very firmly tell her that her posting a grievance on Facebook was completely inappropriate. Let her know that in the future, you’d appreciate it, if she has an issue, that she  communicate with you privately and that you’d be willing to speak with her about situations that way but that you are not going to address anything via social media. In a perfect world she understands that she shouldn’t have done that, apologizes, and then you can have a conversation from there. My concern is that she doesn’t feel she was wrong and defends her actions. My advice would be to not get into any back and forth on Facebook and if she persists using that as a forum, get the league involved.

Hope this helps and please don’t let one person ruin the experience for you or your team.