Mike Matheny Manifesto

St. Louis Cardinals Manager, Mike Matheny, has strong opinions about youth sports. Before managing the Cardinals he was asked to coach his son’s youth league team. He wrote a letter to the parents in advance of the season that is an interesting read. And, he has written a book entitled The Matheny Manifesto. Here he is on NPR’s Fresh Air discussing that book, and his philosophy.

We need coaches!!!

That’s the plea we hear from volunteer-run youth sports leagues every day. But did you know that leagues using CoachDeck have a much easier time attracting and retaining their volunteer coaches? The reason is simple. When volunteers feel like they did  a better job they’re more likely to step up and do it again. If you throw a new coach out there without a CoachDeck they often feel embarrassed and lost. Not the kind of feeling they want to repeat. But give them the shot in the arm of confidence our deck provides and watch them run fun and dynamic practices. Before long they’ve got the hang of it and want to do it again!

Bounce in activity after the Olympics?

That’s what Dr. Richard So hopes as a way to combat childhood obesity. It is recommended that all children are active and outside for at least one hour per day. Why not set up some fun olympic events for your own children?

Youth Soccer Drills

Fifty-two of them in a handy deck of cards. Keep it in your pocket, fan them out for a quick glance, “stack” the deck before practice with the four you want to do that day. Broken into four color-coded categories; passing, dribbling, shooting and defense, you’ll never be at a loss for what to do next. Let a player pick a card from the deck as a reward, hand cards off to assistants so that large teams can be broken into smaller stations. The possibilities are endless with CoachDeck.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Here is an amazing story you probably haven’t heard before, written by the Los Angeles Times’ Jesse Dougherty about a college newspaper writer who tried out for the USC football team as a stunt to get a story, and the unlikely turn his life took as a result. If there ever was a lesson in how sometimes just putting yourself out there and not worrying about being embarrassed can pay off, this is as good as it gets.

Want to save $2500? Play ball!

Our partners at PHIT America.org have passed along an aritcle from the New York Times that details the financial impact of staying fit and healthy. If living a longer, healthier, more active and enjoyable life isn’t reason enough, maybe the impact it has on your wallet will be. Get out and do something before it’s too late! (We’re talking about winter coming, not something more ominous…well, maybe!)

Dribbling drills at the tip of your fingers

Our handy deck of cards is perfect for the veteran or the rookie basketball coach. Want to teach your team some great ball handling skills? Thirteen of the 52 terrific drills in our CoachDeck for Basketball not only teach these skills, but can be made into fun games kids love. Pick up a deck and try these out with your players:

  • Wakeup Drill
  • Wrap-around Drill
  • Fingertip Control
  • Mach Gun Dribble
  • Crossover Dribble
  • Two Ball Slide
  • Down and Back
  • Knockout
  • Escape Drill
  • Dribble Weave
  • Zig-Zag Drill
  • Between the Legs
  • Behind the Back