College Hoops Heaven?

Is there a better day than today for college hoops fans? Sure, a week from today the Big Dance begins and we all know that the first two (four?) days of the tournament are impossible to beat. But look what’s on tap today. The first games of the day begin at Noon Eastern Time and the final games start at 11:30 PM. That means an astounding 14-hour smorgasbord of hardwood to feast on, with 13 games involving ranked teams. Enjoy!

TrueSport on athletic nutrition

Our partners at TrueSport have put together a tremendous, informational page that all athletes and parents of athletes will love. Take a look here and fuel those bodies!

Video for over-eager sports parents

Our partners at PHIT recommend every sports parent watch a video produced by While it is a little corny, the message of the video is clear and, sadly, all too relevant.

Review of Glove Wrap

One of our long-time advertising partners, Unique Sports, recently had a product featured in Sports Product Review. We recommend you check out all of Unique Sports great products. They are very reasonably priced and all, extremely “unique”!

Who knew Canadians took their 7 year-old bowling so seriously?

When a young boy competing in a bowling tournament in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada bowled the game of his life he was quickly given a lesson on the ways of the world. Was this petty, or were they just enforcing necessary rules?

Great article on Tommy Lasorda

Even if you don’t like the Dodgers, it is impossible not to love Tommy Lasorda. The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke has written a humorous and touching piece about this national baseball treasure who is still going strong approaching his 90th birthday.

Keep Sports Fun

This article, courtesy of the New York Times and Mark Hyman is a few years old, but its message is current. We couldn’t agree more.