What do you like best about CoachDeck?

Here are a few comments posted online recently from customers who use our product!

These cards are excellent! Def came in handy during practice, camps, and coaching clinics. A bunch of coaches I know were really impressed and ordered this product!

I am a competitive coach for both boys and girls ages 9-18 and this deck has been a help for new ideas at a decent level to add to your training sessions.

I LOVE the idea of this product and am sure I will enjoy this for years to come. Being a youth coach, full time employee, full time dad, full time husband, etc., it is sometimes hard to find the time to make a full practice plan. These cards are great to use as a quick, easy resource on those days when unexpected issues come up in the rest of your life!

There are not many volunteer coaches who have time to study curriculum, watch online video, download practice plans etc. That’s why thousands of organizations around the country have chosen to provide CoachDeck for their volunteer coaches!

PHIT again stresses physical activity in school

Our partners at PHITAmerica.org are again pointed to clear evidence that giving elementary school students additional PE time is directly correlational to improved classroom performance. You can read the article here.

Latest technology to hit the ball field?

Since it’s Monday and we can all use a pick-me-up after the weekend, here’s a little chuckle from our favorite sports comic strip, In the Bleachers by Steve Moore. Courtesy of Go Comics.


Happy Mothers Day From CoachDeck!

We know you moms would probably rather be sitting by the pool with a mimosa than at the hot, dusty field watching another game. But that’s not you. You’re a sports mom and you love watching your kids play. And we love you for it. Here’s hoping you get pampered and praised today, on your special day, and that you know how much you’re loved and appreciated.

Parents and Playing Time (again)

We continued to have folks email about or comment on our article from several years ago, Parents and Playing Time. This time a frustrated mom wrote in about her son, Isaiah, who was a sophomore baseball player in high school who was not selected for the varsity. This was disappointing, but then midway through the season a freshman was brought up to the Junior Varsity team and Isaiah’s playing time diminished. The mom said her son wants to play in college and asked for advice on how to deal with this situation. Below was our response:

Thank you for your note. I will try to help the best I can. Sports like baseball can be frustrating because evaluating talent is so subjective. One person sees a player and thinks he’s the best, another person sees the same player and isn’t as impressed. And, of course, we parents usually tend to see our children’s strengths but not their weaknesses. The thing I can tell you is that it is likely that the coach feels there are better players than Isaiah because he wants to win and if he thought Isaiah could help him win, then Isaiah would play more. This doesn’t mean the coach is right, but I doubt he has any other motives. And we all know that you or Isaiah won’t be able to talk the coach into playing him more. Isaiah will have to do something that makes the coach change his mind.

So the obvious first step is to work hard. He should hit in the cage every day. He should get in the weight room and lift and come back in the fall 10-15 pounds heavier. This will immediately impress the coach. It will also improve Isaiah’s confidence. I would also recommend having him attend some college camps in the area if this is in the budget. Maybe he impresses a college coach and gets an offer to play. If a college coach thinks enough of Isaiah to want him, then the high school coach will have no choice but to play him. Plus, this way, Isaiah won’t really have to worry about high school as much anyway since he knows he’s got a place to play when he leaves.

And, depending on the high school availability you have in your area, another option is to transfer to a different school. Of course if you do this, there is no guarantee things will be better…they could be worse. Oh, and this summer, have him hit exclusively with a wood bat even if all the other players are using metal. When he gets back in the fall and starts using metal again he won’t believe how much better of a hitter he is.

Good luck to him and feel free to reach out later if you’d like.

Welcome to the winner’s circle

In honor of tomorrow’s “Granddaddy of Them All” horse race, the Kentucky Derby, we bring you the ever-whimsical Chris Erskine from the Los Angeles Times, who tells you not only how he bought himself a race horse for $3000.00, but how you can do it too.

Straight Outta Loyalty

You may know we are big fans of the L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer who writes the high school sports beat for the paper. This article, about Compton Freshman Sean Harlston, is refreshing and inspirational. Let’s all encourage and follow Sean’s career in our hearts and minds.


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