Team Soccer and Baseball Bags

Our advertising partner, would like to introduce their new Soccer Locker BagTM! This spacious bag is perfect for soccer players from youth to adult and can be customized in team colors and logo. Your team needs these this season!


Tragedy on the youth league field

We still don’t know why a Maine woman drove her car onto a youth league field, striking and killing a 68 year-old man. Fortunately none of the players were hurt and the driver has been arrested.

Punishment, or privilege?

The families of some football players in affluent Napa Valley, CA feel their youngsters were mistreated when asked to clean a bus they traveled in. What do you think about this story, courtesy of the Napa Valley Register.

Summer Nutrition Tips For Youth and Teen Athletes

From our friends at TrueSport:

Summer break leads to big changes in kids’ eating habits, and not always for the better. Read this article for a guide to keeping active kids fueled up for long summer days. 

PHIT America needs your help!

PHIT America is the ideal charity and campaign to help kids to  Get Moving!  They need your help to get America to help us do more. Let’s work together to overcome the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ by creating more active, fit and healthy Americans!

CoachDeck is proud to present one of the charities we support, PHIT America. They are doing some amazing things to fight the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’, while getting kids ‘off the couch’ and physically active. We hope you can support PHIT America.  Any support will help. Access

See their presentation here.

ABF Inaugural Huntsville Summer BASIC

From our friends at BASIC:

Under the umbrella of Summer Adventures in Learning (SAIL) North, the Huntsville School System has embarked on the BASIC adventure.  On May 29th, fifty rising 3rd, 4th and 5th graders began enjoying summer learning by rotating from sport-skill stations to academic stations related to sports. Besides reading related to sports and math related to sports, the students will receive daily STEAM instruction that will broaden their educational horizons.

Day one centered on the definition and the interiorization of tenacity. Woven into the instruction and the competition, the new students learned a BASIC foundation block—Never Give Up! Staffed by Huntsville system teachers who have sacrificed their summer to make summer fun for their students. Huntsville invites its sponsors and partners to stop in and review student progress.

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