Hero of Chatsworth

The Los Angeles Times’ Eric Sondheimer has written yet another piece we’d love to share. This one about 94 year-old Chuck Hatfield, who helps out with the varsity baseball team, and much more.

Is money ruining youth sports?

That is the contention of author Douglas Brunt in an article he wrote for Time Magazine recently. How do you feel about his theory?

UNICEF Kid Power Month

Our partners, UNICEF, are asking friends and families to come together and use their energy to help send Therapeutic Food packets to kids in need. Let’s all give thanks to how lucky were are by helping out.

Is your athlete prepared for the upcoming season?

Great stuff from our friends at TrueSport.org:

Creating a pre-game routine requires more than just prepping a sports bag the night before. Getting sports gear ready is just one piece of being properly prepared for a game.

Good preparation starts from the inside out and teaching your athlete the importance of creating their own pre-game plan that relaxes and focuses your athlete can help calm their nerves and prepare them to play at their best.

How an athlete performs is dependent on many things, but especially on how they go about physically and mentally preparing for a game. Preparing for peak healthy performance requires smart training, nutrition, and rest.

Physical preparation in training is a given, but mental toughness in preparation can’t be underestimated as having a strong mindset can improve athletic performance.

Athletes aren’t the only ones that need to be properly prepared for the sport season. Coaches and parents need to get themselves ready to support their athletes.

This month, we asked Roberta Kraus, Ph.D., sport psychologist and president of the Colorado-based Center for Sports Psychology, how parents can best support their athletes as they begin their sport season.

Sport parents and coaches, should be properly prepared to be the support that their athlete’s can count on as the season progresses. Parents and coaches need to keep themselves accountable to send their athletes off to a game with a good mindset, so they can continue to build on that positive foundation that will continue to grow outside of sports.

As fair as it can get for selecting all-stars

We found a link on the City of Christiansburg (VA) website explaining their selection process for baseball and softball all-stars. It mirrors the selection process we published in 2012, adding the additional component of an independently-assessed tryout. For transparency and fairness, we highly recommend all leagues adopt one of these processes, or something similar.

The perfect all-star uniform accompaniment

It’s perfect time to order custom batting gloves for all-star teams! Our partner TeamBattingGloves.com will embroider them with your league logo and in your league’s colors. Nothing says “congratulations for being an all-star” better!

Core sports on the decline

More Americans are choosing “casual” sports over “core”, which may not only be bad for participants, but for the industry itself according to an article by our partner, PHIT America.org. One issue, which we’ve written about here for years, is the “over-seriousification” we see in youth sports. There are other issues the article addresses as well.