Parenting Your Student Athlete

Here is an excellent video from the Connecticut Association of Schools with tips on how to be a good parent of an athlete participating in interscholastic sports. All of you parents getting ready for tonight’s high school football playoff games might want to watch this first!

Baseball and Softball drills for coaches!

We know that youth baseball and softball leagues everywhere are gearing up for their 2017 campaigns. What can you do to make this season special? Giving your coaches a handy deck of cards they can carry in their pockets containing 52 drills is just the ticket? Coaches need good drills to keep practices fresh and to make sure fundamentals are taught. And, nothing brings more excitement to a coaches meeting than handing everyone their very own CoachDeck! Contact us at if you’d like information on our generous league discount pricing and, play ball!

Eye Injuries in Youth Sports

There is a cause for concern for parents with children playing youth sports. This article, published in the New York Times, is a must-read, courtesy Gretchen Reynolds.

College Hoops Day!

We hereby give any huge college basketball fans permission to duck out early from work today, pull up a chair want feast on NCAA basketball as eleven of the Top 25 are in action, starting at 3:30 EST and not ending until midnight, or later! Clearly the marquise match-ups will be Duke vs. Kansas and Kentucky vs. Michigan State at Madison Square Garden, but if those are the main course, there are plenty of great appetizers before, during and after. Appropriate, this close to Thanksgiving!

It is easy to forget…

That we’re coaching youth sports for the benefit of the kids, not for ourselves. That winning is nice, but making sure every kid wants to come back and play again next season is more important. Let’s all try to keep an eye on the big picture as we run our practices and coach our games this week.

Have a fantastic weekend!

CoachDeck wishes you a terrific weekend! Let those unseasonably-warm temperatures propel you off the couch and out into the backyard, street, park, golf course, tennis court, ball diamond, playground, hiking trail, bike path, swimming pool, soccer field….well, you get the point. Get out there! If you have kids, bring them with you. Sunday night, be sore, tired and happy. It’s the best way to face the new week!

Football game gone wrong

A youth football game in Montgomery, TX fulfilledĀ many negative stereotypes this past week. As the League President said about the incident, “You can’t fix stupid.” If only kids could play without adults around. Or are these adults?