Are you keeping athletes accountable?

From our friends at TrueSport:

Participating in youth sports is a great way to learn ways to keep yourself accountable, especially if you’ve got a team encouraging you along the way. But what happens when you’re a young athlete that participates in individual sports where the results are directly reflective of your performance alone? Check out these tips for teaching accountability in individual sports.

How to Teach Accountability In A Positive Way

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Holding people accountable is often perceived as a negative, but accountability can be empowering when it is done in a positive way. Read this to learn how you can use positive reinforcement to teach youth athletes accountability. 

Six Ways Youth Athletes Can Keep Each Other Accountable to the Team

Kids can be held accountable by coaches and parents, but in great sports teams athletes hold each other accountable. Here’s how it works in youth sports. Courtesy, our friends at TrueSport.