Comments on Little League boundaries

Little League International recently posted information about their boundaries on their Facebook page and some people expressed their displeasure with the current system. Their comments are below. What do you think?

Why Would we need to know our boundaries? When you can just say that your kid goes to a certain school because of his or her friends go there and they can play outside the boundaries.

(Response): You can’t just say it, you have to prove it.

(Response): You know and I know that it’s easily falsified. Don’t try to sit there and justify the boundaries and how difficult it is for individual to prove that they’re outside that boundary. Little league especially the 12U division has become commercialize. That’s all and everyone is striving for to be on television.

There shouldn’t be boundaries. Let the kids play where they want to play.

Every year team after team after team shows up with multiple kids throwing 70 mph. I’ve seen competitive teams from a 30 mile radius that can’t pull that many great pitchers. How can that be? It’s because of waivers and boundary issues that are being broken.

Also the waiver excludes your kid from Allstars! That is ridiculous! There needs to be a better way.


CoachDeck Client wins District Championship

Congratulations to CoachDeck client North Boulder (CO) Little League’s all-star team for winning their district all-star tournament. Way to go guys!

Yep. You missed it

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More softball all-star chants

I feel good!
I feel great!
‘Cause (name) is at the plate!

She’s our super superstar
She’s gonna hit the ball so far!

Congratulations to North Boulder Little League!

North Boulder, (CO) Little League signed on as a CoachDeck customer prior to this year’s season. That means their volunteer coaches were able to use our fun deck of 52 drills and games on the field at every practice. Their Majors all-star team had a tremendous run, culminating in the Colorado State Championship! We’d like to think that we had a small part in those kids’ success and wish them the best as they move on beyond Little League.

CoachDeck client makes it to LLWS!

Hello, Williamsport! Here come the boys from Peachtree City (GA) Little League. And we know their coaches will be carrying along their trusty CoachDecks. Peachtree City, one of our newest clients, won the extremely competitive Southeast Region in the Little League International all-star tournament. Now let’s see how they fare on the big stage! Good luck to all!

Happy Friday from us at CoachDeck

We hope your weekend is filled with athletic adventure! Ride a bike. Shoot a ball. Catch a ball. Watch a ball game. Maybe it’s all-star time for your kids. No matter what, get out of the house and channel your inner-superstar! Have a great weekend.