Nick Saban’s reward for coaching

From our partners at the American Baseball Foundation:

Repeated media questions garnered pithy answers from the head coach of the newly crowned national football champions, the athletes of which all pursue higher education at the University of Alabama in nearby Tuscaloosa. Questions regarding team esprit de corps generated answers filled with key components such as loyalty, leadership among team members, persistence in focus on the task at hand, all of which pointed toward exceptional character and unity of purpose.   When the questioning shifted to the coach’s role, his past and his future, the coach offered the same answers, noting that the championship was about the sacrifice and execution of the team members.
Coach Saban continued reminding those willing to listen that the reward of coaching comes from the physical and mental development of the athlete as she/he matures in the realization that contributing to a team, its goals and its camaraderie can be duplicated in one’s role in society as an adult.   Fans, he mentioned, have the natural tendency to focus on the results, not knowing of the splendid process that coaches, trainers, team managers and the athletes undertake as a unit.
So it is true of the process of BASIC in which sport keynotes the interaction among youngsters, volunteers and teachers who are immersed in the process of maturity building.   While there is no “championship” in the offing, champions are molded.
The ABF process of BASIC will be on display during a speech by former Major League star Andy Pettitte on Thursday, January 21st, 2016. For more information contact: David Osinski   205-558-4235;

He will be missed

If you’re only a casual sports fan, you’ll still love the poignancy of the moment. A legendary athlete, Mariano, “Mo” Rivera, walking off his home stadium field for the last time. If you’re a baseball fan, you know an iconic and historic piece of the game has come to an end. And if you’re a Yankee fan, this scene is heart-wrenching as you watch a hero, who gave you countless wonderful moments and did it with class and dignity, say goodbye. His likes will never be seen again.