Ask the Expert: How to Talk to a Youth Athlete When Their Role Model Falls from Grace

From our friends at TrueSport:

Did your kid’s sports hero just get arrested or get caught cheating? Sports Psychologist Dr. Roberta Kraus, Ph.D. has advice for parents facing tough conversations after a young athlete’s hero and role model falls from grace. 

Tips for Fueling Vegetarian Teen Athletes

If you have kids who are vegetarian, or if you’d even just like to cut down on the amount of meat they (and you) are eating, here is some good information from our friends at TrueSport: Regardless of whether your athlete participates in an endurance, strength, or even combat sport, he or she can absolutely perform at their best while consuming a vegetarian diet. Figuring out what exactly to feed a plant-based athlete isn’t always easy in the beginning, but following these tips will help them cover all their nutritional bases, so they can play at their best on the field. Read article