Tips for coaching youth soccer

We’ve offered some pointers this week for coaching youth baseball and softball, many of which can apply to any sport. Our tip for soccer coaches? Spend as much time as possible having young players touch the ball. Drills that involve a lot of standing around or running up and down the field while others control one ball, (a.k.a. scrimmage) do not improve players’ abilities to dribble, pass and shoot. We have some great suggestions for soccer drills you can use to encourage lots of touching and improve technique. Thanks for being a youth soccer coach!

The decline of youth sports

Our partners, PHIT are on a mission to get Americans up and moving around, away from poisonous sedentary lifestyles. So it is no surprise that they are concerned about the declining numbers of children playing team sports. There are several reasons for this decline and some of them are advanced in this article, but we know there is also a very important solution that is often overlooked. Better coaches are needed. When kids go to practice and are bored, not challenged or worse, mistreated, they don’t want to come back and play again the next season. We feel our CoachDeck, with 52 good, fundamental practice drills which can all be turned into fun and exciting games kids love is the perfect solution to what we see in an epidemic of average coaches who mean well, but need some help.