Detail in CoachDeck Drills

We had customer provide us with some feedback on our baseball drills deck of cards. We thought we would pass it along, as well our response which we feels explains fairly well the essential value of CoachDeck and why our product is so popular in the youth sports community:

I really liked it!  I think its a awesome resource for coaches to have in their “back pocket”.  As a baseball guy the one thing that Id offer is that many of the drills are pretty basic. I was hoping for some clever ways to teach situations or hitting instruction, ect….Really like it though!!
Our response:
While we certainly did intend to address situations and hitting, (there is even a drill entitled “Live Situations”) we understand that he is looking for something more detailed. The balance we had to walk was that we wanted the deck to be something that could be used by all coaches from T-ball to Majors, regardless of experience. Plus, as he can imagine, we cannot put too much detail (verbiage) on a playing card. We tried to design the deck for a rookie coach to be able to run fun hitting, baserunning, infield and outfield drills with the kids instead of showing up and just throwing 90 minutes of BP because he didn’t know what else to do. For the more veteran coaches we wanted it to be a handy reminder of some drills they may have once known but forgotten, and some new ones they hadn’t heard of before. The idea is that they can use any of these drills as a starting point and then add as much additional instruction as they’d like within its framework.”
There are as many ways to teach hitting as there are stances and swings. We did not feel it would be our job to adopt a particular hitting philosophy and use our cards as a forum to instill that method. Plus, coaches of younger players should not be teaching that much intricacy anyway. However, if your players are ready for in-depth hitting instruction and you have the knowledge to impart it, any of our drills are the perfect medium to get that done.
We always appreciate your comments/input/suggestions. Please keep them coming and enjoy your CoachDecks!