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From our partners at ABF:

Dear BASIC Supporters & Donors,
Thanks to you, this summer has already been a home run.
Our Birmingham BASIC East and South programs teed off this summer divided among the following three gracious host sites: John Carroll Catholic High School, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, and the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium. These sites have served as a stadium, a classroom, and a home to 140 children eager to learn, play, and connect with one another.
We also kicked off our Inaugural Huntsville Summer BASIC program, where under the umbrella of Summer Adventures in Learning (SAIL) North, the Huntsville School System has embarked on the BASIC adventure with forty-eight new students.
Your support has given these children access to over 300 sports-related math and reading lessons and 160 hours of access to qualified coaches and educators. Over the next few weeks, we will spend time actively and collaboratively learning meaningful content that will provide opportunities for choice and autonomy, a sense of belonging, supportive relationships, and a brighter future for those whose circumstances make it look bleak.
BASIC curriculum was written by the Learning Department at UAB and designed to redress summer learning loss in students grades 1st-8th. Over the last 20 years, our program has strived to relieve the stress and disadvantages had by under served children later in life by closing the learning gap between middle and low-income students at an early age. With tremendous success, the BASIC curriculum, our staff, and your support have averaged up to a six month gain each year in crucial subjects such as reading and math.
Here are a few examples of all the fun we’ve been having this summer!
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ABF Inaugural Huntsville Summer BASIC

From our friends at BASIC:

Under the umbrella of Summer Adventures in Learning (SAIL) North, the Huntsville School System has embarked on the BASIC adventure.  On May 29th, fifty rising 3rd, 4th and 5th graders began enjoying summer learning by rotating from sport-skill stations to academic stations related to sports. Besides reading related to sports and math related to sports, the students will receive daily STEAM instruction that will broaden their educational horizons.

Day one centered on the definition and the interiorization of tenacity. Woven into the instruction and the competition, the new students learned a BASIC foundation block—Never Give Up! Staffed by Huntsville system teachers who have sacrificed their summer to make summer fun for their students. Huntsville invites its sponsors and partners to stop in and review student progress.

Enrollment Open for the ABF’s 20th Annual Summer BASIC Program

Please pass along the information below from our friends at BASIC:

Where BASIC has been pales in importance compared to where BASIC will be. Annually BASIC expands its academic and sports offerings to make the 130-hour program more fun.
The ABF has open enrollment for students ages 7 to 14 (grades one through eight) for its month-long program to be held in June at Hudson K 8 School in north Birmingham. This 20th annual program boasts a teaching staff that has never be equaled in BASIC annals. Ms. Debra Rainey, a veteran BASIC teacher of 20 years, will lead the math instruction. Reading expert and 12-year veteran, Ms. Lindi Wilson, helps students rehearse for life through BASIC books. Mr. Nathan Langston, sports and academics guru rounds out academics. Sports instructors, Mr. Julius Burrell, 19-year veteran and Mr. Ernesto Valladares, 6-year BASIC student, three-year BASIC volunteer and three-year head soccer instructor form the sports instructional team. Coach Kenneth McGaughy returns to BASIC to add to his six years of instruction in the program. Heading the program will be Ms. Alana Davis, a five-year veteran of BASIC.     No summer program can match Summer BASIC 2017 for experience and for caring for the children.
BASIC is offered to families of under-served children at a cost of $50.00 per family, irrespective of the amount of children enrolled.
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Partner with American Baseball Foundation

We want to share this press release from one of our partners, The American Baseball Foundation. We’d love it if word spread about their tremendously valuable program.

The American Baseball Foundation Inc. welcomes inquiries regarding summer 2017 partnerships for its BASIC program that “tricks” the students into reading and math gains through sport. In its twentieth year BASIC offers an array of grade specific biographies that bring to life the character traits of successful professional athletes. Math is made practical through manipulation of players’ statistics and through games related to math applied to sports. Students enjoy fast-paced movement every 50 minutes from the sports fields to the sport-related classroom during the 6.5-hour day. The BASIC curriculum covers four to five weeks of academic instruction.
BASIC’s Partnership:
Curriculum provides approximately 300 academic and sports lessons.
Structure has a rotation every 50 minutes from sports to academics. A 40- minute common time after lunch provides team building with non-cognitive skills addressed
Provide STAFF training that is mandatory for all staff involved with BASIC.
Assist in program quality control
Requires pre and post STAR testing in math and reading
Employ professional teaching staff to teach BASIC curriculum (reading, math, sports and intervention).
Offer classrooms with computer capabilities for STAR testing and educational aids.
Provide and maintain outdoor open space with gymnasium use available
Participate in program quality assurance as related to instruction and program evaluation
Sign partnership agreement related to use of BASIC curriculum.
Use BASIC curriculum and methodology
For more information regarding BASIC partnerships, contact David Osinski 205-558-4235;

Nick Saban’s reward for coaching

From our partners at the American Baseball Foundation:

Repeated media questions garnered pithy answers from the head coach of the newly crowned national football champions, the athletes of which all pursue higher education at the University of Alabama in nearby Tuscaloosa. Questions regarding team esprit de corps generated answers filled with key components such as loyalty, leadership among team members, persistence in focus on the task at hand, all of which pointed toward exceptional character and unity of purpose.   When the questioning shifted to the coach’s role, his past and his future, the coach offered the same answers, noting that the championship was about the sacrifice and execution of the team members.
Coach Saban continued reminding those willing to listen that the reward of coaching comes from the physical and mental development of the athlete as she/he matures in the realization that contributing to a team, its goals and its camaraderie can be duplicated in one’s role in society as an adult.   Fans, he mentioned, have the natural tendency to focus on the results, not knowing of the splendid process that coaches, trainers, team managers and the athletes undertake as a unit.
So it is true of the process of BASIC in which sport keynotes the interaction among youngsters, volunteers and teachers who are immersed in the process of maturity building.   While there is no “championship” in the offing, champions are molded.
The ABF process of BASIC will be on display during a speech by former Major League star Andy Pettitte on Thursday, January 21st, 2016. For more information contact: David Osinski   205-558-4235;