Why do more kids and coaches come back?

Leagues using CoachDeck tell us that not only do more coaches volunteer to return season after season because they felt like they did a more capable job of running practices, but because children better-enjoyed those fun and productive practices, more of them wanted  to come back and play again the next year. If you’re interested in creating the healthiest and most dynamic league experience possible for your coaches and players, CoachDeck can help!

Key to Coaches’ Meetings

Have a coaches meeting coming up soon for your league? There’s one thing we can recommend to really make it a success…hand out CoachDecks! Nothing brings more excitement than giving every volunteer their own deck of 52 good, fundamental drills that can be made into fun games their players will love. Contact us at customerservice@coachdeck.com for league discount pricing and ordering information!

We need coaches!!!

That’s the plea we hear from volunteer-run youth sports leagues every day. But did you know that leagues using CoachDeck have a much easier time attracting and retaining their volunteer coaches? The reason is simple. When volunteers feel like they did  a better job they’re more likely to step up and do it again. If you throw a new coach out there without a CoachDeck they often feel embarrassed and lost. Not the kind of feeling they want to repeat. But give them the shot in the arm of confidence our deck provides and watch them run fun and dynamic practices. Before long they’ve got the hang of it and want to do it again!

Dribbling drills at the tip of your fingers

Our handy deck of cards is perfect for the veteran or the rookie basketball coach. Want to teach your team some great ball handling skills? Thirteen of the 52 terrific drills in our CoachDeck for Basketball not only teach these skills, but can be made into fun games kids love. Pick up a deck and try these out with your players:

  • Wakeup Drill
  • Wrap-around Drill
  • Fingertip Control
  • Mach Gun Dribble
  • Crossover Dribble
  • Two Ball Slide
  • Down and Back
  • Knockout
  • Escape Drill
  • Dribble Weave
  • Zig-Zag Drill
  • Between the Legs
  • Behind the Back

Great Basketball Drill

It that time of year when youth basketball leagues around the country are forming and volunteer coaches are being recruited. Never played organized basketball but you’re thinking of coaching your son or daughter’s team? Even if you did play but would like a handy pack of drills, we can help. CoachDeck is a deck of cards with 52 good, fundamental drills that don’t require late nights reading a thick book or surfing online. Just drop the handy pack in your pocket and, while your players are showing up and lacing up their shoes, pull 3-4 cards out of the deck and you have a professional practice right in front of you. You can even give cards to assistants and break your team into smaller groups. Let players who have worked hard pull a card out of the deck as a fun reward. There are millions of practice combinations you can come up with. Below is an example of one of the many great drills you’ll find inside.


Will your league invest in coach training?

We know budgets are tight in non-profit, youth sports organizations. But we also know that training your volunteer coaches is an important, shall we say necessary responsibility of every youth baseball, softball, soccer, football and basketball league. Yet asking coaches to visit websites and watch videos and download practice plans just doesn’t work. They’re too busy and they need something they can use “on the fly” when they show up at practice straight from work. That’s where CoachDeck comes in. Our handy deck of 52 cards broken into four color-coded categories each containing a great drill that can be made into a fun game makes it easy to run a tremendous and enjoyable practice. And that’s what volunteer coaches want – easy. Or customers tell us that the better practices their coaches are now running lead to more kids coming back to play and more coaches volunteering to help out again. And isn’t that the sign of a healthy league? And isn’t striving for that health the number one priority of the organization’s leadership?

Around the Cone

Want an example of one of our 52 good, fundamental drills contained inside CoachDeck for Soccer? Around the Cone is a fun shooting drill that teaches players to shoot with both feet from various places on the field, while on the run. And, you can even make it a game your players will love!