Phil Mickelson’s fatherly priorities

We couldn’t think of a better article, written by the L.A. Times’ Bill Dwyre, to share on Father’s Day. Congratulations to Lefty, for having his priorities in such impressive order.

Taking the grandkids out to the ball game

L.A. Times columnist and sports editor Bill Dwyre recently visited Camden Yards with his eight year-old grandson. His account is both humorous and heartwarming.

Should UCLA have fired Ben Howland?

By all accounts, Ben Howland was a class act – a gentleman. In his ten years at UCLA he led his team to three Final Fours, something 95% of the schools in D1 college basketball would sign up for in a minute. This past season, his squad won the conference title. Yet, still, this week he was fired by the school. L.A. Times’ columnist Bill Plaschke believes the school did the right thing. However another L.A. Times columnist, Bill Dwyre opines that Howland’s firing is just an example of the sad and misguided state of college basketball. Which side do you take?