Happy Father’s Day from CoachDeck

Hopefully, all the dads out there were spoiled rotten yesterday and had a great day. Be we think you still deserve more so we’d like to share this article from Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times which he wrote to honor the volunteer coach dad, something we’ve been doing for over a decade!

Great article on Tommy Lasorda

Even if you don’t like the Dodgers, it is impossible not to love Tommy Lasorda. The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke has written a humorous and touching piece about this national baseball treasure who is still going strong approaching his 90th birthday.

NFL relocation woes

Another (back-t0-back) article from the LA Time’s Bill Plaschke to share. This one critical of the San Diego Chargers’ ownership decision to move to Los Angeles. How do you feel about teams uprooting and moving from their home fan base in order to increase their value? A matter of callous greed, or just good business?

Hope found in sports

The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke has written an article we would like to share. Those of us who love sports will agree that there’s lots to be happy about, even in these turbulent times.

Olympics end early for some

Hopefully, you have been or are catching Olympic fever. The Olympics are an incredible display of human spirit and tenacity. But sometimes we don’t take time to think about the human beings performing in their athletic events and the time, the sacrifices and the epic importance their competing has in their lives. The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke is right on point with this article about sisters Courtney and Kelley Hurley, Olympic fencers whose games were over before most of us knew they’d started.

Little League groundskeeper will be missed

Ted Haller has been meticulously tending to the Glendora Little League fields as a volunteer for 36 years. He’s about to say goodbye. The L.A. Times Bill Plaschke has the wonderful story.

Pat Summitt, hero

If you’d like to be moved about someone you may have heard of but not known much about, read the LA Times’ Bill Plaschke’s great article about Tennessee Lady Vols coaching legend, Pat Summitt, who passed away Tuesday.

Landon Donovan shows class, honesty

We had to bring you some World Cups posts during this great tournament, didn’t we? Here’s a terrific article by the LA Times’ Bill Plaschke on Landon Donovan and the strides he’s made to put his Team USA snub behind him and find a silver lining.

USC walk-on has no regrets

In these days of big-money college sports it is so refreshing to read a story about the true essence of college football as embodied by USC walk-on tight end, Nate Guertler. You’ll want to read the L.A. Times’ Bill Plaschke terrific story about this young man and his younger brother.

Should UCLA have fired Ben Howland?

By all accounts, Ben Howland was a class act – a gentleman. In his ten years at UCLA he led his team to three Final Fours, something 95% of the schools in D1 college basketball would sign up for in a minute. This past season, his squad won the conference title. Yet, still, this week he was fired by the school. L.A. Times’ columnist Bill Plaschke believes the school did the right thing. However another L.A. Times columnist, Bill Dwyre opines that Howland’s firing is just an example of the sad and misguided state of college basketball. Which side do you take?