Don’t celebrate too early

We’ll let the video speak for itself. You’ve never seen anything like it. Courtesy of Bleacher Report

No school today at Villanova!

Congrats to the Villanova Wildcats for winning the 2016 Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship. And, courtesy of Bleacher Report, we know that the players aren’t the only ones who aren’t going to class today. But come on, who would have gone anyway?

Big man with a big heart

If you want today’s feel-good story, look no further than this article from Bleacher Report about Kentucky basketball player Marcus Lee. As we head into arguably the most enjoyable time in the sports year, the college basketball tournament, it will be hard not to root for Lee in the tournament and in life.

Sports Alphabet Rap

Courtesy of Blackalicious and Bleacher Report. It’s two minutes long, and very cleverly-done.

Blind Pole Vaulter Soars

Hats off to Charlotte Brown who is a high school senior at Emory Rains High School in Texas. Charlotte is legally blind, having lost most of her sight over the past several years. Despite this challenge, Charlotte placed third in pole-vaulting at the Texas state track meet. Charlotte was accompanied on the podium by her guide dog companion. Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration, Charlotte!

We’re rooting for Lorenzo Mauldin

This defensive lineman from Louisville has had a tougher life than most of us can imagine. Read this great article from Bleacher Report about how he has overcome his anger and turned into a model citizen with a college degree who will likely play in the NFL, but will almost definitely become a success and positive influence on others.

What NOT to do with your bracket

On the day after the NCAA Tournament field was announced, you didn’t think we’d bring you anything other than March Madness advice, did you? We’re excited about the tourney. And because you’re a fan of CoachDeck, we’re bringing you a special tip sheet for filling out your bracket. Courtesy of Bleacher Report featured Columnist, Joe Menzer, here are eleven “do’s and don’ts” for picking the field and winning that office pool!

Superbowl commercials recap

So you had to get up to use the restroom or get another beverage. Or that onion dip someone brought over was calling your name. And you came back in the room to hear everyone laughing at the tail-end of a commercial. Well, all is not lost. You can watch what you missed here. The Bleacher Report has compiled their ratings of the best and worst ads from Superbowl 49. How did your favorites grade out?

Should they be in?

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame announced its new class of inductees yesterday. The four new members are Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio, John Smoltz and Pedro Martinez. However, as is the case each year, many other candidates who were arguably also deserving were left out. MLB Lead Writer for Bleacher Report, Jason Catania, makes a case for ten who he feels were snubbed. Some have been linked to using performance enhancing drugs. Do you feel they should be in the Hall, regardless of PED’s?

Do’s and don’ts for filling out your bracket

As you know, the 2014 NCAA Tournament pairings were announced yesterday afternoon. Now, you’ve got about 72 hour to fill out your brackets and win the office pool. Here are some pretty good tips for making the correct picks, courtesy of Bleacher Report.