Maybe one of the best buzzer beaters ever

We’ve seen several angles of this and some have been talked over to ruin their effect, but this is what we consider the definitive video of the incredible last second shot by Austin (MN) Packers junior Oman Oman. Courtesy of Bleacher Report.


High school girls state championship buzzer-beater

Yesterday in honor of the NCAA Tournament, we showed you the 26 best buzzer-beaters from the 2012-23 college season. Today, while this isn’t college, we bring you a moment that 24 high school girls and the most raucous, enthusiastic crowd maybe ever to watch a girls high school game will never forget.

26 best buzzer-beaters of the 2012-13 college hoops season

In our continued celebration of the impending NCAA tournament, enjoy these 26 great buzzer-beaters from this season. When you get to number eight, and realize its only number eight, it will dawn on you what a great year this was.