Happy Birthday, AYSO!

The LA Times’ Chris Erskine, (one of our favorites) has written another terrific piece about the humble beginnings of what has turned out to be among the greatest youth sports organizations in the country, the American Youth Soccer Organization, (AYSO), which began in Erskine’s backyard of Torrance, CA. If you’ve ever had a kid play AYSO or are interested in soccer in any way, you’ll want to read this article.

PONY team 1-6 and still winners

The L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine has done it again. This humorous and entertaining article about the baseball team he coaches encapsulates what youth sports are supposed to be about.

Backyard Rose Bowl replica

Geoff Thran is a full-time high school teacher and part-time Rose Bowl groundskeeper. He takes being a fan to a whole new level. Look at and read about what he does to his back yard in the amusing words of the L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine.

Baseball slang guide

The L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine is at it again. This article, An Essential Guide to Baseball Slang for Newbies to the Sport is one of his funniest yet. We’re big fans of Erskine’s lighthearted, never mean-spirited sense of humor and so will you be.

Standing ovation for the actor!

We’ve brought you articles from the L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine for years. This one may be our favorite yet. Retired actor Paul Napier who was the original Mr. Goodwrench and had parts in commercials and television shows over a lifelong acting career has been moonlighting for the past 45 years as a high school and youth sports coach. You’ll want to read his aphorisms in the piece and enjoy the wisdom his age and experience have brought him.

Remember him?

It’s been seven seasons since the sonorous sounds of Keith Jackson graced the Saturday airwaves of college football. L.A. Times writer Chris Erskine recently visited the 84 year-old icon and wrote this piece, full of stories from Jackson’s life and career. And if you miss the voice, like any true college football fan does, here’s a montage of calls from Michigan games Keith Jackson covered. Proof of Jackson’s greatness is that even if you detest the Wolverines, you’ll enjoy listening anyway.

You be the judge

In his usual, whimsical style, the L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine has written another article about youth sports with a touch of humor. But is this soccer league for toddlers simply a good way for them to be active, or pushing the limits of over-zealousness?

How can a catcher steal home?

Is just one of the terrific tidbits you’ll learn in this enjoyable column written by the L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine. We’re big fans of his work, we’ve posted his articles many other times, but this one may be our favorite yet.

Youth baseball draft, Chris Erskine style

The L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine has written another amusing column relating to youth sports – this time his 9 year-old baseball draft. Especially funny is when he relates how another coach tries to trick him into drafting a player.