All of the demons were exorcised and The Curse shredded. The Cubs are finally World Champions. Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians for a valiant run in the face of much adversity and to both teams for giving us a thrilling Game 7. We’re sad to see baseball go but know that before we know it, spring will be in the air and a new season will be begin. Until 2017, baseball!

What more could a sports fan want?

The Cubs and the Indians in the World Series. College football. NFL. Hockey season has started and so has the NBA. It’s that magical time of year when the four major sports seasons collide in spectacular fashion, if only of for one more day. Savor it, sports fans. It is like the Hailey’s comet of fandom!

Year-long suspension for PED

The Cleveland Indians Marlon Byrd released a statement regarding his recent suspension for using a banned substance. Indians’ writer,¬†Matt Schlichting has written a response to that statement which is worth reading. The last paragraph is especially thought-provoking.