Youth soccer team found alive

All twelve members of Thailand’s Wild Boar soccer team and their coach who were missing in a cave have been found, all alive. The youngsters still have a long way to go towards recovery due to the trauma they’ve suffered, but this is the best result we could have hoped for.

Why are so many children quitting sports

Youth participation numbers are declining in nearly every sport. There may be many factors, and this article from explores them.

Does football have a future?

On the eve of Super Bowl 50, her is a chilling article from about what’s happening with the sport America loves.

High school cross-country heroics

A North Dakota teen from Devil’s Lake, Melanie Bailey, carries an injured competitor across the finish line in a high school cross-country race. Here is a video of the story courtesy of

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More great sports photos

Last week’s post of great sports photos was a hit, so here is a new batch, this time courtesy of Our favorite is #2. Enjoy!